16 October, 2020
Work From Everywhere: The Evolution that Marks a New Era in B2B Marketing

Last week, Scalefocus’ Marketing Director, Alexander Dimitrovski, attended IAB Digital Day, where he spoke on a topic all too interesting and connected to the times we live in. Alek took the time to get in-depth in the Work From Everywhere strategy – but from a digital marketer’s point of view and managed to delve into the subject that marks a new era in b2b marketing in the COVID-19 year. But how does Work From Everywhere changes the game for the better?

The Eye-Opening Year

In 2020, Scalefocus, like the rest of the world, had to adapt in the midst of the pandemic. This adaptivity was situational but in the case of Work from Everywhere, it led to some good strategizing. “In 2020, the usual channels of communications in b2b marketing were not the same anymore”, says Alek, “and where marketers and salespeople could usually personally meet their potential clients, now there is a void.”

And when the situation asks the question: Is this a problem or an opportunity, the answer usually shows the way to the future. But “businesses are great at adaptation when they have exhausted all other options”. Alek shared that currently, at LinkedIn “51% of b2b marketers are adding ”working from home” and more flexible working as one of the greatest positives to emerge from the crisis and 42% of marketers overall add the opportunity to attend a wide range of online events to the range of positives.

The Two Strategies Ahead

In Alek’s presentation, he shared that there are usually two strategies to talk about when waking up for digital transformation: to focus intently on one thing or throw plenty of things around and see what sticks. In the WFE (Work from Everywhere) scenario, b2b marketers can go wider and experiment with wider audiences to potential clients”. Why? “Because in a digital work-from-everywhere scenario, the cost of talking to a million people may be not greater than talking to ten.” Yes, turns out that in this scenario, larger audiences actually do not cost more than a small one.

Therefore, we go to the term Quantum Marketing. Like in the atom’s core, we imagine the decision-maker in a business sitting in the middle and people around him gathering information in all channels. But what is that is no longer applicable? “Decision-makers can be a lot of people, the focus can move a lot and there are many opportunities to follow. The tasks and priorities change, some needs disappear and others arise. So what we have here is the quantum model – the chaos that curiously makes everything click together. “There is no such predictability anymore. That’s why WFE works – it gives a reach, flexibility, and different type of function.”

So Work From Everywhere Actually Works

According to LinkedIn, every four years around 40% of members of the network change their industry, seniority, function, company size. “The people b2b marketers want to reach are everywhere”. And the scope can be endless. Because a Chinese symbol for the crisis contains “danger” and “opportunity”. And, as usual, it’s inevitably better to go for the opportunity.