2 October, 2020
Tancho Mihov, an Ex-Military DevOps Technology Lead with Dancing Skills

Оn his background

I was born in Panagiurishte, lived for a lot of years in Sopot, then I spent five years in the military school in Shumen. But even before the military, I’ve always been interested in coding – in school, I was visiting the neighboring town to attend workshops. Green screens, BASIC, Pravets 82. All of my life I’ve worked with computers, servers, networks… What I love the most is optimizing processes with the help of a computer.

On his journey at Scalefocus

At Scalefocus, I am a Technology Team Lead to a team of DevOps professionals. The software needs a “home” to live in. We build and maintain this “home” and we keep it secure and accessible.

My journey in IT began around ten years ago when I developed software for dental laboratories. This project gave me the confidence that I can help people do their job with more quality. I continued my coding training in IT Talents Academy. This helped me а lot with the transition between the military and the civilian world.

I started my journey in IT as a Java developer, but thanks to my infrastructure knowledge and the help of Georgi Litvinenko and Chavdar Trendafilov, I am now a Technology Team Lead to the DevOps team.

On his ninja team

My guys are true ninjas. They never stop learning, they upskill quickly and they never give up. We help each other constantly and we know that we can ask each other for advice on specific technologies. Entering a new project, we often come across a technology we’ve only heard of. 

On risks and dealing with doubt

The biggest risk I’ve taken in my career is that after graduating from the Military Academy with honors and getting all qualitative certificates in my training, I chose to follow my long-lived passion: programming. And I did it less than two years before acquiring the right to a military pension. It was my chance to turn my hobby into a profession and do what I love during the workday and not after.

Tancho in a choreographed dance performance.

On how what he’s learned in the military helps him now

I can think of three things I learned in the army that help me the most in my work now: to meet each task with calmness, to be responsible for my words and actions, and to know that the team is stronger than each individual member.

Оn his technology stack

I like that I get to work with clients who are very up-to-date with the current trends. The technologies I work with most are Kubernetes, Swarm, Helm, Terraform, Ansible, my favorite Jenkins, and more… 

A performance.

Оn his favorite project

Projects are like children – you are all they’ve got. I usually like projects where I use Jenkins at a higher level.

On his mentors

Krasi Stoev is the person who helped me the most to forge my new path outside the army. Otherwise, I try to learn from everyone around me. From every success and also, from each failure.

On his hobbies

I was an active latino dancer up until recently – I took part in festivals, did choreographies, and was often chosen as a solo performer. Currently, I appreciate the Work from Everywhere model in Scalefocus because it lets me be closer to my family. I also try to stay active and every day after work I go to the National Sports Academy, and at the weekends – out of Sofia.