13 September, 2019
ScaleFocus’ Relocation Program: How It All Began

The Relocation program at ScaleFocus has brought ScaleFocusarians away from their comfort zone and into a new life – for a short or longer period. You can read the stories of our relocated colleagues Danail, Aleksandar and Petar, where they share their own experiences with relocation. Now we speak with Angelina Galabova, HR Director. She shares the origin story of the Relocation program – why and how it all began and where will it (hopefully) lead us.

More and more people are interested in ScaleFocus’ Relocation program. Tell us how it all began.

The idea came up when we opened ScaleFocus’ office in Burgas, in 2018. We decided to build more office locations for the company and that Sofia doesn’t have to be the only ‘hub’ for us. The program gave us a chance to develop different cities beyond the capital, where new teams could evolve and thrive. Those cities were Varna, Burgas, and Plovdiv. We started encouraging colleagues to go back to their home towns or simply change the environment, for a calmer and less stressful life.

For ScaleFocus, the program is a win-win since it gives people mobility, inspires change and growth. The company benefits from it by creating and developing new locations and teams around Bulgaria.

What is most valuable about the program?

The way it builds. People find a way to build their lives in a different and meaningful way, despite how long they choose to relocate for. For many people, the program represents a way to escape the mundane and stressful life in Sofia. Others join it because they want to relocate back home – those are the people who are originally from Varna, Burgas or Plovdiv. Each person in one of our offices outside of Sofia plays a key role in building not their own life but also society, the IT community and ScaleFocus.

How do you see the program evolving in the future?

We are constantly trying to make the Relocation program better by adding new benefits to it. Currently, we have short and long-term relocation. Long-term is for two or more years and the short term – six months to one year. We are trying to add more financial benefits for people who proactively decide to join the program.

As for the International Relocation, we would like to enrich the process for the person, who is thinking about relocating to Bulgaria. The idea is to pair him with someone – a go-to person for information in the city where he would like to relocate. This point person could help the candidate learn more about the country. They can help with finding a place to live, giving a tour and guiding him or her to understand why Bulgaria is a great place to live. We are hoping to implement such a process soon.

What feedback do you get from people, who have already relocated?

We have people relocating from city to city in Bulgaria and from abroad. All of them say it’s an enriching experience that they wouldn’t have had without the ScaleFocus Relocation Program. There are those who went back to their hometowns, to family and old friends while having the same benefits they would have had in Sofia. The opportunities and benefits are the same and they get to live in their favorite city. Some have opted to go for a little bit and then later return to Sofia as they see it as an adventure and opportunity to grow. It’s great to see the positives from the program – and there are many of them.

Final question – would you relocate and what would make you do it?

I love the city I live in (Sofia) very much and I don’t plan to leave it any time soon, but if there was а chance for relocation somewhere where my kids could get more opportunities, I would do it for them. It’s another great thing about relocation – it could benefit not only one person but the whole family.


If you are thinking about relocation to one of the cities where ScaleFocus has offices in, check out our Careers page and go to Locations.