9 September, 2019
SAP Academy at ScaleFocus: Unleash Your SAP Hero

ScaleFocus is inviting enthusiasts with business processes-related experience to join and kickstart a career in IT by becoming an SAP consultant. Our SAP Academy will train and prepare new talents in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas. The goal will be to help them discover new ways to learn and later work on real projects as SAP consultants. Everyone, who feels he/she has a budding SAP hero on the inside, is welcome to explore and expand new horizons prior to launching a career that will change their life. 

Every journey needs a hero

The ScaleFocus SAP Academy invites people to embark on a 3-month training with SAP experts, who will help them unravel the technological mysteries of ERP systems. All applicants need to submit a CV, which will then go through prescreening prior to entering the Academy. The potential consultants need to have certain knowledge of Business Processes and ERP Systems. The Academy will enroll only the most promising candidates with true potential to become SAP Stars

Become a SAP Star… ASAP

During the ScaleFocus Academy, our expert mentors will be focused on educating our future stars on the most current methodology, subtleties, and tricks of SAP. Later, the most promising among them will have the opportunity to start working at ScaleFocus as actual SAP consultants. 

The 3-month journey will start on the 7th of October.
Everyone can apply until the 1st of October by going
here and clicking the ‘Apply here’ button at the bottom.

Let’s unleash your inner SAP hero together!