9 September, 2019
August at ScaleFocus: A Look Back

We cannot fully dive into September, without taking a look back at one of the hottest months of the year – August. It was an eventful one for ScaleFocus – we managed to tune-in for our great team-building, share knowledge at our different office locations, prepare some new initiatives for the fall, and of course, have a lot of fun. Let’s dig in!

Team-Building & Team Gatherings inside ScaleFocus

Our awesome team-building for 2019 happened on the 31st of August in Borovets. We managed to make the day memorable and participate in many activities at a festival created especially for ScaleFocus. You can soon read a full recap of the event and look at the awesome photos, in a separate article. 

Our colleagues managed to get some additional bonding time in August too – at Sofia South, our Upnetix team had a mini team-building event centered around Van Gogh. Split into teams, they tried to get into the mind of one of the great geniuses in history and reveal his secrets – which was done best by the winning team, Wander Bears.

Again at Sofia South, we had a thematic Friends Quiz Night, led by Krisi and Slavi from the Front-end team. Turns out, binge-watching one of the funniest TV shows ever has its perks – after that, you are able to crash the quiz by knowing even the smallest details about it. 

At our ScaleFocus Plovdiv office, several people had a quick getaway to Park Lauta for a Grill’n’Chill event, barbecue, and beers. We also had another gathering, for a presentation, led by Zhoro Dimitrov about how to make the famous ScaleAle beer. And let’s not forget the awesome win by our Upnetix team in the IT Mini-Football League – they managed to beat the Isobar team 8:4 in a match at the end of August. Go, Sofia South!

Brain Food a.k.a. Knowledge-Sharing at ScaleFocus 

August at ScaleFocus was not lacking knowledge-sharing events  – we managed to squeeze in some great lectures, led by our specialists. Аt Sofia South we had a React Native dev talk where Atanas Plachkov and Georgi Nastev presented a project created with the react-native library as well as what problems they’ve encountered in the process of development. Their practical advice on the subject was appreciated by the audience.

In Burgas, we hosted a ScaleTalk on ‘First Steps in Reactive Programming with Java’. Two of ScaleFocus’ great Java engineers – Dani Glavchev and Deni Kanchev spoke to the audience about building non-blocking asynchronous programs to leverage the best features of the exciting new reactive programming paradigm with Java. There were accompanying pizzas and delicious drinks, of course.

Last But Not Least

In August, we opened ScaleFocus’ new Burgas office. The new space is located at Marine Station, DAS Marina Burgas offices. It has a great view of the sea and а relax zone from where you can enjoy it, plus a beautiful indoor design. The new office will now accommodate over 50 people, who will bring their talent and smiles in the renovated building in Marine Station Burgas. We had an awesome opening party!

Our hope is to bring the number of awesome people working at ScaleFocus to 100 until 2020. And don’t forget, if you are thinking about relocating, you can read more about Burgas and our relocation program here.

Also, if you want to work with awesome people in a great spot near the sea, check out our current openings here