7 August, 2019
July at ScaleFocus: Nothing Stops Creativity & Fun

Here’s to one more successful summer month, full of work, play and fun! At ScaleFocus, we had some great initiatives and events that brought smiles to our faces. Knowledge-sharing continued steadily, concentrated in Burgas and Varna, we launched new campaigns and continued current ones. We never forgot to bond as a team and enjoy our work. Here’s what you might have missed for July. 

We Shared Knowledge in ScaleFocus Burgas and Varna

In July we had our second ScaleTalk, led by Tsvetan Indzhov. The topic was “Testing the Environment of a Silicon Valley Company” and the event took place in ScaleFocus’ Burgas office. The event brought outside guests as well – and everyone enjoyed yummy food and beer together.

Again in Burgas, ScaleFocus was represented by our colleague Tsvetan Smardanski who opened the conference with the lecture “Thread safety first”. Тsetso’s presentation was the one to open the event and he received a really warm welcome. See his presentation in the video.

And let’s not forget one of the most fun knowledge-sharing event for the month – Java Quiz Night, a part of our Practice on Focus series. In bar Makalali in Varna, on a Friday night, 5 brave captains led their teams in a quiz, focused on Java. Round after round, they showed their knowledge and enthusiasm until the winner was clear. And of course, the public and the participants got to enjoy food and drink and mingle together after the main event.

ScaleFocus Initiatives in July

In one of the hottest months of the year, at ScaleFocus we managed to keep up the initiatives strong and consistent. Our designer colleagues at Upnetix even managed to squeeze a creative team building – they bonded as a team over drawing together and created beautiful paintings.

During July, we participated in the annual Legion Run 2019, where we tested our physical strength and team spirit equally. We also shot a Summer Vibes video which you will soon be able to view and enjoy – just like our colleagues from all offices are enjoying summer by the sea in Varna and Burgas. 

Аs for campaigns – a new campaign, in which we aim to show the faces of the awesome humans behind ScaleFocus, started this month. People of Scale’s first interview is here. Stay tuned for more. 


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