31 July, 2019
Danny in Ayliakland: How Relocation Can Make You Happy?

Danail Dobrev is a Senior Software Engineer at ScaleFocus, who decided to relocate from his hometown Sofia to enjoy the much more relaxed atmosphere of Plovdiv. Five months later, Danny shares what it’s like to live in “Ayliakland” and why happiness can really depend on the small, everyday things.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Danail, people call me Danny. I’m 27 and currently a Senior Software Engineer at ScaleFocus’ Plovdiv office. I love taking walks, going on trips and driving my motorcycle.

What made you relocate to Plovdiv through ScaleFocus’ Relocation Program?

I grew up in Sofia, my hometown, and I have lived there all my life. Plovdiv has always been appealing to me, however, and I have a lot of childhood friends here, as well as my girlfriend – it’s her hometown. Before I started at ScaleFocus, I stayed with her in Plovdiv and commuted to Sofia for a while.

A friend, who works in the Plovdiv office of ScaleFocus, suggested I apply there if I want to move permanently and stop commuting. It was an opportunity to change the scenery and I took it. That’s how I ended up in the Relocation program and started working here.

What do you like about Plovdiv?

I love that it’s a lot calmer than Sofia. The everyday life is not so dynamic and stressful and this sense of calmness transfers to the people as well. In Plovdiv, for example, it is much easier to get from point A to point B, without waiting in traffic. I love walking and I even started to avoid using public transportation altogether. Also, people are more relaxed here and the communication is easier. 

I love the area around Plovdiv – I often travel with my motorcycle on the roads to Bachkovo, Hisarya and explore the region. It’s one of my favorite things about living here.

How did you adapt after relocation?

It was a shock at first, mostly because I was so used to the pace of the bigger city. But I adapted fast because I love change – routine is not my thing. So I embraced it with positivism and started to get to know Plovdiv better and better. 

Would you say that the relocation to Plovdiv has changed you?

Yes, I’m a lot calmer than I used to be. In Sofia, it was like I felt more tension daily. I was always rushing everywhere, the pace was a lot faster. In Plovdiv it’s different – I have much more free time every day because I don’t have such a long commute. The city itself makes you much calmer – its atmosphere, climate, and spirit change you for the better.

Why would you recommend relocating to someone who is on the fence about it?

Since it can lead you to a happier life. A lot of people stay in Sofia just because they think the professional opportunities there won’t exist in another place and it’s not true. You can just as well develop as a professional in Plovdiv and have a career here – ScaleFocus is one of the best companies for that.

There are a lot of factors for happiness but the biggest one, I think, is everyday life, the small things. I can say for myself that in Plovdiv I feel much better. The environment, people, architecture and climate here are really special and gave me a true sense of belonging and happiness.