17 July, 2019
Moving Back Home: Petar Yordanov and Burgas

Petar Yordanov is a QE Engineer, a father and a ScaleFocusarian who went through ScaleFocus’ Relocation Program to find himself back home, in Burgas.  Petar and I spoke about his biggest motivation for relocation- family and the sense of calmness.

How did you wind up in the ScaleFocus’ Relocation Program and consequently in Burgas?

It was actually something I had in mind when I applied for the Sofia office. I learned about the company and liked it a lot and I saw an opportunity to go back to my hometown – Burgas – where both I and my wife are from. We’ve talked for a while about trying to live there again and see if we still like it that much. Our daughter was a baby when we relocated there – we made the decision shortly after she was born. We’ve been in Burgas for about eight months now and I spent about five months before that in the Sofia office.

What challenges have you had so far after relocating to Burgas?

There were things to get used to. I hadn’t spent so much time in Burgas for a while. I’ve lived in different places like Varna, Sofia and abroad, in Austria. Burgas is a smaller city and I had to get used to the slower pace here. There was a period of adaptation, for sure. We also had to do a renovation of an apartment and actually the relocation bonus I received through the program really helped us with that!

Do you feel like you have the same opportunities to grow there professionally and personally?

In Sofia, there is a different type of climate for professional development, but in Burgas, you can grow just as good. As long as you are proactive and brave, you can grow. ScaleFocus is also constantly organizing inside and outside trainings that you can attend and build your knowledge. For the moment the fact that I relocated to Burgas has only played in my favor.

What is the best thing about raising a family in Burgas?

It’s much calmer. You get everywhere a lot faster and this is really convenient when you have a small child. You access parks and the Sea Garden quickly, there is no need for public transport or a car. The breeze is something we all really love!

In Sofia, we lived in different neighborhoods but always had to travel a lot. In Burgas, it’s a lot easier and the stress is much smaller. It actually took a little time for me to get used to this too although it’s a positive thing. You learn to live without the stress of the big city because you travel faster you have more time for your family in the evenings.

Why would you recommend ScaleFocus’ relocation program?

My personal motivation was to live in my hometown and closer to my family. If someone is an IT from Burgas, I would advise him/her: “Come back home”. Every good professional that moves back to their hometown brings with him opportunities for growth for the community, for the city. When relocating, everyone can find something for himself- you meet new people and enrich yourself in a different kind of environment. Raising a family here is definitely easier in all aspects. Relocation is an experience like no other and if it wasn’t for my family, I would try other locations from the program as well. Relocating to Burgas has been a dream come true for us and I couldn’t be happier.