9 July, 2019
The ScaleFocus Java on Focus: A Friday Night to Remember

ScaleFocus’ Java on Practice: Varna Edition

What better way to spend a Friday night than at a beach bar in Varna with a bunch of Java enthusiasts, accompanied with brain-racking quiz questions, beer and lots of laughs? Our second event of the new initiative Practice on Focus was dedicated to Java. At the “Java Quiz Night” ScaleFocus’ specialists and guests split in 5 teams and went through a 4 round quiz  to prove their expertise in the Java field. Curious to find out more about our night? Continue reading.

Maximum Effort

The night started with а “Yes/No” questions round. We kicked off the quiz with more general questions about the nature of Java and got quick responses from the teams. Things remained tied-up in the second round, where teams had to choose the right answer from four options. The questions slowly became more complex as there were several misleading answers. 

The third round was welcomed with great enthusiasm – we turned the attention of participants to the main functionalities of Java, some quirks of the language and several questions about Java’s history. Giving the right answers (yes, this time there was more than 1 right answer) was not hard for the teams, but here we got the twists that finally gave us our winner. Fourth round threw all teams in the sea of code and they had to turn the focus on their abilities in Java coding in front of a live audience. 

The winner of the ScaleFocus Java Quiz

Finally, after score analysis, temporary ranking and finalizing the results, we had our winner. Team Reactor 4 took the 1st place with highest final score and proved their skills and knowledge by moving strongly ahead in the last round. Second place was awarded to Team Chereshka, followed by Team ТрепNu and Team NullPointerException. Last place was for Team Garbage Collectors, who despite the final score fought bravely and also impressed us with their quick answers especially in rounds 1 and 2.

Our Java Quiz Night at Makalali bar in Varna was a night to remember. We won’t forget it soon – the fun and smiles were epic and the great Java minds, who attended, managed to make the games truly memorable. Stay tuned for more events putting practices on focus – after a small summer break. In the meantime, keep your eyes on iniside.scalefocus.com for more great stories.