8 July, 2019
ScaleFocus & Upnetix in June: What Happened in the First Month of Summer

Contrary to the belief that summer is pretty much a lazy time and not a lot of things happen, the activities and events in June for ScaleFocus and Upnetix show quite the opposite. We’ve had some great knowledge-sharing initiatives, started new campaigns, held talks and spoke at conferences… and never stopped having a good time. So here’s a recap of what you might have missed.

We Don’t Keep Things to Ourselves: Knowledge-Sharing

In June ScaleFocusarians continued with the tradition of knowledge-sharing initiatives all around our offices. We were very active in Varna and Burgas with several lectures, newly started initiatives and useful talks with great audience. 

Тhe new initiative Practice on Focus was held for the first time in Varna this month. Specialists in QE were the first to lead the way. The idea was for the experts in the field to share their views on the best automation testing tool. This happened in the form of Clash of technologies – a debate with two teams, defending Selenium or Protractor. 

In Varna, Maria Zasheva presented a lecture on “Innovation in today’s dynamic world” at StartUp Varna, where ScaleFocus was a gold sponsor. Mimi also took part in the International Conference for Science and Business along with Krasimir Kostadinov, where they shared their perspective on Innovation and R&D. 

VarnaConf – the annual, technical conference for IT enthusiasts – Alexander Mihaylov, Technical Lead at ScaleFocus spoke about parallel processing with WebWorkers. We also hosted an internal initiative: Coding show night, where we discussed WebWorkers over some beers and pizza.

Another new initiative was held for the first time- ScaleTalks – also took place at the seaside, but this time in Burgas. Our colleague, Georgi Dimitrov gave a short presentation and demo on Blazor and developing Front-End with C#. On the 12th of June, another ScaleTalk will take place in Burgas, learn more about it and sign-up.

Moving on to the Sofia offices of ScaleFocus and Upnetix, where the first month of summer was also really fruitful. At Upnetix, we welcomed enthusiasts from Telerik Academy. Students participated in a discussion and lеarned about the actual technological solutions the company provides.

At Capital Fort, we witnessed a great talk on building a great customer management relationship strategy – Intelligent Enterprise with ScaleFocus and SAP

Summer Cannot Go Without Fun… And CSR

Besides spreading the wings of knowledge, last month we managed to stay colorful, smiling and useful. The team-bonding and CSR initiatives throughout Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna offices were enough to put smiles on our faces and make everybody feel good.

First, we had great time on Children’s day when we invited the kids of our colleagues in all our offices to participate in fun events. In Sofia we partnered with Fusion Academy and in Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas the kids had the opportunity to learn 100 basic commands of robot programming with the help of Robopartans. 

The Summer Vibes initiative is also going strong and once again colleagues have the opportunity to work, while enjoying the seaside in our Varna or Burgas offices.

Throughout June, ScaleFocus partnered with the awesome people from Destructive Creation in a CSR initiative for renovating benches in Sofia, Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv. Fifty benches in total were renovated, fixed and beautified across Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. And one very special bench, representing our logo, was built in each location. Those 4 can be found in Kapana (Plovdiv), The Sea Gardens (in Burgas and Varna) and in Pancharevo (near Sofia).

Besides renovation, we held a Corporate Mini Football Tournament in Infinity Tower. And it was all for a good cause – helping the children from Para Kids. 

And, of course, we simply have to mention the first birthday of our lovely Burgas office. It’s been a year of great emotions, awesome new friendships and achievements. The celebration was, of course, on the beach, where we toasted to many more years ahead!

If you like what you are reading, check our openings in carеers.scalefocus.com and become part of our big family. In the meantime, keep your eyes on inside.scalefocus.com for more interesting news.