21 June, 2019
ScaleFocus’ Practice on Focus: QE Clash of Technologies

Knowledge is never something to keep to yourself – well, except for when you know spoilers about the ending of Game of Thrones. That is why since June, we at ScaleFocus have come up with a brand new initiative called Practice on Focus. The first clash was between two QE teams, one of them defending Selenium and the other acting as an advocate of Protractor.

ScaleFocus’ Titans in QE: Selenium vs Protractor

The first colleagues who led the way by being the first on focus were the specialists from Quality Engineering. Petya Petarcheva and Nikolina Nevyanova entered into a QE battle about the testing tools Selenium and Protractor.

Yes, Petya and Nikolina were invited together with selected teams to stand in opposite corners in an epic Clash of Technologies, battling in defense of their favorite testing tool. Both captains led teams and of course, the battle was truly epic.

The Selenium vs Protractor battle

Altogether, we witnessed seven rounds, each about 10-minutes long – and a bonus 8th round in which the awesome people from the audience took an active part.

In the fierce QE battle, we saw our more than well-prepared captains defend the their favorite testing tool by covering many points, some of which were:

  • Language of Choice Conquest
  • Unit Testing Frameworks Allies
  • Code Length Treachery
  • Locator Strategies
  • Remote Execution Mystery
  • Parallel Testing Savage
  • Performance Nobility

Those and many other points were the focus of Petya, Nikolina and their teams. And since the battle was really fierce, the emotions of the audience were epic and finally there had to be a winner.

Protractor for the win & What’s next

Even though the Clash of technologies was really disputed, there had to be a winner. After the voting from the public, the winner was Protractor in the face of Nikolina and her team.

What awaits the brave technology titans of Quality Engineering next is the fun event to be held the 22nd of June when everyone who feels like shooting and hiding will engage in a game of paintball near Pancharevo. And after shooting each other everyone will have the opportunity to become friends again by drinking beers and having delicious food outside.

And of course, this is just the first event in the ScaleFocus Practice on Focus series. Next time we’ll put in the center the technological gurus from the Java field – yes, in July we will circle two events around Java. Sign up for our Java Quiz Night and become part of a night to remember on the beach in Varna.

Stay tuned for more details soon. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on inside.scalefocus.com and check our openings at careers.scalefocus.com .