18 June, 2019
Live where you like, as you like. – The ScaleFocus Relocation Program

Being part of a Bulgarian company and truly believing in the great potential of people here has motivated us to provide better opportunities for everyone, not only in for those in Sofia. This led ScaleFocus to opening offices in Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna, which was a great step forward. With so many office locations we thought we can’t pass the opportunity to bring diversity to our colleagues through some kind of relocation. And that’s what we did.

Everything began with the Summer Vibes initiative. Summer Vibes is active during the summer season and enables our colleagues from all offices to work for one week in the ones in Burgas or Varna. This is the third consecutive year for the whole thing and the interest for the initiative has never been bigger. We have more than two hundred enthusiasts going to work at the seaside this summer.

This great interest made us think that we should do something bigger.  So we asked ourselves: “Could it be more than one week? Could it be in all our offices?”. We suppose you have already guessed the answer but still: “Not only it could be, it SHOULD.” That is how we ended up here, telling you more about the ScaleFocus Relocation program.

What is the Relocation program?

The name speaks for itself: this program’s sole purpose is to enable our colleagues (current ones & newcomers) to relocate from one office location to another, making the process as smooth as possible. We surely know that switching places can be extremely demanding in terms of time, efforts and money and requires quite the organizational skills to squeeze it in between all other thing in the to do list. Especially, if it involves moving from one city to another. This is why the ScaleFocus Relocation program provides:

  • Relocation bonus in the amount of 5 000 BGN Gross
  • Assistance with the transfer of luggage in between cities
  • Assistance with finding the best place to live in
  • Assistance with finding a kinder garden/school/university for your children

There are colleagues that have joined just to change the environment, while there are others who desired to finally return to their hometowns. Of course, those who always wanted to live closer to the seaside have taken advantage of the whole thing. We even had colleagues from Sofia relocating to a smaller, calmer city just for the special atmosphere there.

To sum up, different people – different reasons. If you are still searching for yours: you can draw some inspiration from our special relocation video.

This is not the end of the relocation story. Stay tuned for more!