17 June, 2019
Java ScaleCamp: The End Is Just the Beginning

The ScaleFocus Java ScaleCamp

In October last year, 160 candidates applied to firestart their career in Java with ScaleFocus. Throughout six months, during our ScaleCamp, they went through theory and practice to fuel their knowledge and perspective on Java. Horizons were widened, friendships were made and an experience was created.

So now, after the end of the ScaleFocus program, we are happy to say that dedication and hard work resulted in:

  • 160 Java enthusiasts applied for ScaleCamp
  • 12 outstanding performers were chosen by ScaleFocus
  • 10 of them became our colleagues and are now keeping the fire burning among us

If you are still wondering what the experience brought to the ScaleCamp participants this time you can find out in the video. If you like what you are reading and would like to join our family, check our openings. In the meantime, keep your eyes on inside.scalefocus.com as more interesting things are coming up.