5 June, 2019
ScaleFocus and Upnetix in May: Knowledge Sharing and More

The month of May is done and we’ve had a great time. Our ScaleFocus and Upnetix teams continued their favorite trend of sharing knowledge with as many people as possible inside and outside of the company. We are happy to say we’ve had great success with the events for the month with which our specialists shared first-hand experience in different areas of expertise. Here are the initiatives we participated in last month.

Knowledge-Sharing Initiatives Inside ScaleFocus and Upnetix

GIT started: Lecture in TU Varna

This was a joint event organized together with the IT club of the Technical University (TU) in Varna. Our ScaleFocus lector, Yavor Dimitrov, shared useful advice on working with GIT as one of the preferred software development tools. He also covered these topics like:

– Basic functionalities of GIT
– Functionalities for advanced users
– A demo display with practical advice and tricks

The lecture was greatly appreciated by the students who were also the ones to initiate it in the first place – since GIT is not taught in the university.

Burgas Masterclass: ScaleFocus MasterTechs

We continued the trend of passing on the knowledge torch in May with a Masterclass in Burgas, held by our master techs- Tsvetan Smardanski, Martin Pavlov and Dimitar Tomov who took the listeners on a journey #insideScaleFocus and helped them learn more about the company. Here are the topics they covered on the event:

  • Initiatives at ScaleFocus – Martin Pavlov (Team Lead) revealed the stories behind our office initiatives among which NoShave November, Clean Air Day, team gatherings and our team building story. There were secrets to share and messages to convey about those awesome events that support amazing causes (like reducing the air pollution). Martin also talked about the opportunities for relocation and working in ScaleFocus offices in Plovdiv, Burgas, Sofia and Varna – people’s choice!
  • ScaleFocus Robotics Challenge & Growth Opportunities – here we heard from Tsvetan Smardanski, Senior Software Engineer and winner in the Robotics Challenge last year. Tsetso spoke also about what opportunities for professional growth and learning are offered for the people of ScaleFocus and Upnetix.
  • Web Service (technical lecture) – Dimitar Tomov took the lead here with more serious stuff but presented in a fun and entertaining way. And what other way is there to talk about “Web Service – Basic Concepts, Authentication, Authorization and Integrity”? Well, Mitko showed us how it’s done.

ScaleFocus and Upnetix in May-Hackathon-Burgas

ScaleFocus sponsored the Hackathon in Burgas

ScaleFocus was а proud sponsor оf this year’s Hackathon in Burgas, a forum in which young people try their skills at developing software apps. The event took place at the IT high school, “Prof. D-r Asen Zlatarov” where the bright young minds of Burgas clashed in an epic battle. At the school, Mitko Tomov from ScaleFocus took the stage with а technical presentation and advice for the students interested in working in IT. Martin Pavlov assisted with handing out cards with QR codes leading to problems to solve and option to apply for an internship at ScaleFocus. From 16 teams, 3 stood out for our colleagues and received gift bags.

Azure Functions: A ScaleFocusarian for DEV.BG

Evgeni Dyulerov, Software Engineer at ScaleFocus, took the audience on a journey to explore the best practices in Azure Functions. The event was for DEV.BG and Evgeni’s expertise on the subject was very well received by the listeners. The lecture was built around the following:

  • What are Azure functions and development steps for them
  • Managing and deploying Azure functions
  • Monitoring Azure functions

In a Q&A session later Evgeni answered questions and delved deeper into the world of Azure, sharing his experience and using his quick wit to give understanding on the topic.

Startup Weekend Varna: ScaleFocus on Innovation

From 31’st of May until June the 2nd, the 12th edition of Startup Weekend Varna hаd ScaleFocus as a Gold sponsor. The event in the Technical University of Varna is built around innovation and, of course, competition. Our Communication Lead, Mariya Zasheva, awed the audience with a presentation and inspiring speech on Innovation and how we enable it at ScaleFocus and Upnetix. Hear her speech here.

For 54-hours, developers, designers and entrepreneurs showcased their skills by pitching an idea for a product or a business. It all happens during a weekend and it’s a great opportunity for the enthusiasts to see how far they can go with their knowledge and creativity. It also gives a chance for all involved to stand before a jury of professionals and investors and see how well they can sell themselves – maybe even win support to really launch their idea!

CRS & Team Time Activities

Knowledge Sharing is all well and good, but we also like to be active with our CRS and Fun activities. Here’s what we did in May on that front.

ScaleFocus and Upnetix in May-Tree-Planting-ICANTOO

Planting Trees with I CAN TOO Foundation

Оn the 12th of May we took part in an organized spring tree-planting, as part of the initiative “Plant a tree, help a child.” The event was under the patronage of the I CAN TOO foundation of which ScaleFocus is a friend and partner. Everybody received instructions for planting their own tree inside Sofia Tech Park – we had help from volunteers and went through the whole process of tree planting with a lot of smiles.

Beer night & Gameplay

Shared love for beer and board games gathered us for a fun night out in bar Vitamin B on the 16th of May. We managed to bond even more as teams while playing ScalePoly – the special board game which looks and feels like Monopoly, but has some different – and special – traits. Yes, we are talking about drinking a lot of beer as part of the gameplay. In short, we all had lots of fun!

Happy graduation, ScaleCamp!

Our educational program for Java developers successfully ended and of course, we couldn’t have graduation without celebration. This time we did it in Kanaal, over some beers. We will soon post a separate article for the occasion – stay tuned.

ScaleFocus and Upnetix in May-Upnetix-Birthday

Upnetix: 4th birthday

Our colleagues from Upnetix celebrated their fourth birthday a couple of weeks ago. The positive emotions, capped with smiles, games (that foosball table was not left alone!) and many surprises were captured in the photos you can see in the gallery. We are glad we were able to share those great moments with our colleagues from Upnetix and even more happy that Upnetix is now part of the ScaleFocus family. We look forward to sharing much more happy events together.

If you like what you are reading, check our openings in carеers.scalefocus.com and become part of our big family. In the meantime, keep your eyes on inside.scalefocus.com for more interesting news.