4 June, 2019
ScaleFocus and Upnetix Office Olympics: Welcome to the arena!

What are the ScaleFocus and Upnetix Office Olympics Games?

What happens when you put together a bunch of smiling techy people, give them plenty of diversified games and split them into teams? Well, you get a real arena – and even though the players do not resemble the fearful ScaleFocus and Upnetix gladiators at all (too much smiles for that) we still got a real treat watching the teams battle and strive for the win on the floors of our offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas.

For a second time in a row the arena of the ScaleFocus and Upnetix Office Olympics was really spectacular and during three consecutive weeks, our offices in Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv and Varna hosted 6 games designed to create a physical and cognitive challenge for our tech olympians. Of course, one of the most important things in the Olympics this year, same as last, was the team spirit of the people of ScaleFocus and Upnetix – and the enthusiasm of the players. They made us – and each other – proud by fulfilling the games with bravery and vigor.

The games of the ScaleFocus and Upnetix Office Olympics

The games which our brave gladiators tackled the first week tested their skills in team work and physical strength and agility. In “MAGIC CARPET RACE”, the ScaleFocus and Upnetix olympians raced on a carpet on the ground and had to move really quickly to get to their teammate who then had to race back. The challenges were not only physical – people had to show how well they follow and understand their teammates in “THE WHISPER CHALLENGE” where one person had to guess the word the other was saying while having headphones with really loud music on. Needless to say this led to a lot of laughs at the wrongly guessed words, but also enthusiasm when several pairs of olympians managed to understand every word in the allotted time – like bosses.

Second week’s ScaleFocus and Upnetix Office Olympics games were built around food – which is something everybody loves, but the most important thing here again was the team spirit and agility. In “TASTE BUDDY”, the teams had to stand in pairs, back to back as one of them tries foods blindfolded and describes it to the other but without using the actual name of the food. Second game – “SPOON FEEDING” where each player had to carry candy with spoons and fill 5 glasses. The tricky part? The spoon had to be carried in their mouths.

In the third week of our epic ScaleFocus and Upnetix Office Olympics, we enjoyed watching the proud ScaleFocus and Upnetix Olympians tackle more games – “JUNK IN THE TRUNK” tested their ability to dance and wiggle to let out the balls in a box attached to their waist in a 1:1 timed battle.Some of the games were somewhat frustrating for the players but amazing to watch from the side – like “FACE THE COOKIE” where they had to move a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only mimics of the face. And yes, the pictures are hilarious but that does not take away from the heroism of the our ScaleFocus and Upnetix Olympians.

This is how the arena of the Office Olympics 2019 played out. We are super proud of the teams that took part in it and, of course, the winners – Pinko in Sofia (Capital Fort), Utaiki in Sofia (Infinity Tower),  Lorem Ipsum in Burgas, Kartachin Plovdiv and  D dream Team in Varna. Check out photos in the gallery below.

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Until next time!