22 April, 2019
The Value of Inspiring Young Talents Through Knowledge Sharing: Burgas

The connection between business and education has been rapidly growing for the last decade in Bulgaria. For the companies involved in software engineering the importance of these connections is more impactful than ever. It goes beyond the mutual benefit for software companies and universities – it aims to leave a vast impact on society in general. We have been witnessing diverse examples of how these partnerships lead to success. One example is the opening of the first IT High school in Burgas, which we heavily supported since the beginning of this initiative. We can proudly share with you our way to shared accomplishments with the IT High School in Burgas’, the Burgas Free University and Asen Zlatarov University. Our story is inspired by the fact that sharing knowledge is the ultimate way to mutual success.


A short throwback in our Burgas endeavors:

More than 10 months have passed since the official opening of our office in Burgas. For this period, we held a variety of knowledge-sharing events and initiatives. All of them aimed to further develop the IT community in the city as well as to educate young talents. Moreover, inspire them with the variety of opportunities the IT area has to offer. Both alone and with partners in crime, we devoted ourselves to contribute as much as we can to establish a strong IT ecosystem in Burgas. Below are the stories which inspire us to continue at even faster pace.


What is more:

The initiatives mentioned above are a few examples of our dedication to educating young talents and motivating them to pursue challenging professional opportunities in Burgas area. We have spread this knowledge sharing attitude amongst our colleagues in all four cities we have offices in.

Let’s take Scale Camp for example. In October 2018, Scale Camp was launched in our Sofia office. Its purpose was to help motivated Java and SAP enthusiasts fire start their career in IT with us. Now, 6 months later, we can proudly announce that the SAP ABAP Module of the Camp has finished successfully and the most successful of the participants are now our colleagues. As for the Java team – few weeks are left till the official graduation, so stay tuned for their story.

Putting Scale Camp aside, we had quite the experience with young talents during hackathons and Olympiads in different cities, as well. Our colleagues were chosen as mentors to different teams and individuals to help them solve complex problems via innovations and new approaches. Many of them were also speakers and presenters at different conferences and events. The last month is indicative of these kind of happenings and the efforts we put in knowledge sharing.


What is next:

Again, focusing on Burgas: the upcoming events come as a result of our partnership with the Burgas Free University. In May, we will be sponsoring the Republic Student Programming Olympiad – this year is the 31st edition of the Republic Programming Olympiad for Students. It will take place on the 17th and 18th of May in Burgas.as well as the programming competition for students Code@Burgas. Code@Burgas is a competition for students in the 4th-12th grade. The participants will be competing against each other for 4 hours on the 17th of May. The event is the first of its kind, since the format is a little different from what we have seen so far. There will be a set of tasks and the students will need to find the most suitable solutions. The interesting part is that an automated system will be assessing the solutions. The goal of both events is to gather young talents and make them analyze and solve complex problems together, again, contributing to the establishment of a knowledge sharing mindset.

We will keep you posted with the results from the competitions. Meanwhile, stay tuned for our next stories.