9 April, 2019
ScaleFocus’ 7th Birthday Party

They say the first seven years are the most important. It is believed that they form and shape a person or an idea.

As ScaleFocus celebrated its 7th birthday last Friday, we feel more than confident that those most important first years of the company’s life happened in the best possible way. We can honestly say we are proud of everyone who has shared this 7-year journey and we hope we can continue to grow the company, with mutual efforts.

The party’s host was our beloved colleague Kostadin Zamanov, who firestarted the event by giving stage to an impressive flair show. It was done by one of Bulgaria’s most famous bartenders – Niki Vangelov. He proved that alcohol and balance can be friends after all. This skillful, eye-catching dance with bottles and glasses was followed by a witty before-and-after recap presentation of the last seven years, held by our CTO – Viktor Bilyanski. He shared more information about both the struggles and the joyful moments that led us to this point in our company’s history and helped us turn into a powerful team.

The biggest surprise of the evening was the performance of the famous comedian Krasi Radkov! He had us all laughing to tears with his crazy good impersonations and well thought IT jokes. His playful interactions with the guests and amazingly good and on-point improvisations added an unexpected element to the night and kept us all waiting for some more fun!

His partner in crime – worldwide acknowledged chocolatier Chef Radi Stambolov took over the microphone and together with our CRO Borislav Borissov made delicious nitro ice cream in front of our eyes! Every sweet craving of the colleagues was taken care of by the impressive candy bar that offered smoking popsicles and dragon popcorn.

The final touches were added by our CEO – Plamen Tsekov, who congratulated the whole team and wished for many more successful years.

See the captures from the event in the gallery below.