2 April, 2019
March Knowledge Sharing Inside ScaleFocus and Upnetix

This isn’t the first time we are telling you about our constant effort to share as much know-how as we can both inside and outside of ScaleFocus. Last month’s events are the living proof that we are continuing this tradition. We participated in initiatives, which further educated our team, young talents at schools and universities and shared our hands-on experience with professionals. Below you will find more information on the different topics:


Lunch & Learn Vol. 2: Cyber Security & Security Testing

In order to present this special event, let us begin with a few words about the “Lunch & Learn” events in our offices. This is one of the knowledge sharing initiatives which aims to transfer valuable know-how between our teams. As you can understand from the title itself, these are more casual series of events during which the colleagues discuss different topics.

As March is the most feminine month, our speaker during the event was a representative of the ladies from the team – Radostina Kondakova. She joined the Automation & Performance team quite recently, yet demonstrates remarkable ambition and strong desire to share knowledge on hot tech topics. She invested a big part of her time in preliminary research in order to represent cyber security as an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The topics she covered included:

  • Basic Security overview
  • How long does it take to crack a password in the modern world?
  • Overview of Security testing
  • Introduction to OWASP

At the end of the presentation she displayed a short demo connected to Automation and Security, followed by a great discussion among the audience.


Bulgarian National IT Olympiad – Burgas Region

Our colleagues from Burgas spent one of the sunny March Saturdays at the Vocational school of Electrical Engineering and Electronics “Konstantin Fotinov”. They attended the official presentations of the digital projects of students, who participated in the Bulgarian National Olympiad for Burgas region. The young talents were of all ages and the authors of the best projects were rewarded with an invitation to take a peek behind the curtains of our Burgas’ office and meet our awesome colleagues.



A great team spirit and motivation led to impressive projects, made by students at HackTUES 365.

HackTUES 365 is an amazing initiative organized by students for students. For those who haven’t heard about the event – HackTUES is a tech hackathon which usually takes-up a whole weekend. The participants, as well as the organizers, are pupils in the Technological School for Electronic Systems. The teams who participate in the hackathon are also mentored by different professionals from the IT area. Based on the teams’ final presentations,the jury elects the top 3 projects.

Our colleagues Alexander Ivanov, Georgi Dimitrov and Georgi Sotirov were part of the ScaleFocus team, who helped young talents bring their ideas to life at HackTUES. The competition was fierce and the decision was though, but in the end the jury chose Elsyser as the winning team. The students in the team were mentored by our colleague Georgi Dimitrov. Their project was called VoiceCV and aimed to help people with poor sight via leveraging the power AI to provide them with a personal assistant. The whole mechanism fits together in a hat with a camera, a microphone & an earphone. For the job well done , we provided them with the opportunity to join our team as interns for one month in order to get some hands-on experience, working in a dynamic environment.


jProfessionals – Plovdiv

jProfessionals is a local Bulgarian one-day conference. All participants have a day, filled with lectures and talks on different Java-related topics. This March, the 9th edition of jProfessionals was held in Plovdiv.

We had the opportunity to support the JProfessionals Plovdiv for a second time. This year we leveled up and participated with a lecturer, as well. Our bright colleague Tushka Dermendzhieva presented “Docker for Java Developers” – something people say was totally worth listening to.


Motorcycle safety

Apart from being outstanding professionals, our colleagues have quite interesting and diverse hobbies. As valuing our people means caring about their work-life balance, we support their out-of-office activities in different ways. One example is a short lecture for all motorcycle enthusiasts who are not very few at our office!

Our colleague Niki Georgiev shared some lifesaving knowledge in the eve of the new motorcycle season. He gave invaluable safety tips that everyone should have in mind prior hitting the road.

The agenda of his presentation:

  • Motorcycle basics
  • ATGATT: All The Gear All The Time
  • Hurt report
  • How to ride in/out of the city
  • Riding in group
  • Conscious and subconscious
  • Discussion

Apart from the purely theoretical knowledge, Niki had prepared a small 3-D model for demonstrations, as well as gear which he wore during an accident serving as an example of the damage an incident like this can cause.


B2B Tech Forum 2019

The B2B TECH FORUM 2019 2019 was organized for the 4th time in Sofia, gathering the leading IT experts in one place to discuss the hottest topics in the industry. This year’s edition was covering the  “Cloud, AI & Blockchain Evolution”.

Our Chief Digital Officer – Krasimir Kostadinov, joined as a lecturer on the topic “Death and Rebirth of Blockchain – Blockchain 2.0”, and discussed the new tools Blockchain provides us with, the promises it failed to deliver and what can we expect in the future.


To sum up, our March was pretty intensive. We plan on keeping the pace up, so stay tuned for next events!

P.S. If you fell inspired by this kind of happenings, we can help you be a part of them. Join us!