2 April, 2019
March Initiatives Inside ScaleFocus and Upnetix

March, being full of occasions for celebration, brought many good emotions for us at ScaleFocus. Starting with a big martenitsa to honor Baba Marta, we then proceeded with celebrating the 3rd of March, which represents Bulgaria in the spirit of technology. Surely, we wouldn’t miss celebrating Women’s day. Our gentlemen didn’t fall behind – they made us proud with their participation in the IT Football League. Read more about our celebrations below:

Baba Marta

Bulgarian traditions are an essential part of our everyday life as a Bulgarian company. On the 1st of March, we celebrate Baba Marta, which is an ancient Bulgarian tradition, with martenitsa as a symbol.The martenitsa is a piece of decoration, which combines red and white colors to transfer Bulgarian beliefs: white is for good health and red is for fertility and to scare away the bad spirits. On the first of March, you exchange martenitsa with everybody that you know: family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Martenitsa is worn until you see a blossoming tree or a stork, which stand as the symbols of the upcoming spring.

For this tradition, we were pretty excited to organize and participate in a variety of initiatives:

Our Plovdiv team organized a Charity Martenitsa Bazar in collaboration with I CAN TOO (our long-lasting CSR partners). On the 28th of February volunteers from ScaleFocus and I CAN TOO were at the bazar with handmade martenitsa. The funds from each martenitsa went to support I CAN TOO’s  cause for children with special needs. By taking small steps and transforming the social attitude towards them, we improve their quality of life.

Another cause we supported for the celebration is ОЛЕ МАЛЕ‘s one, which is helping mothers of children with special needs in their battle for financial and working independence. The beautiful handmade martenitsas were given to all top performers in our offices!

In parallel, our Plovdiv team assisted the municipality and amazed citizens by placing a big martenitsa at Kapana Creative District!


3rd of March

What better way to honor the Bulgarian National holiday than making sure that people outside of our country know about us and where we stand in terms of tech-savviness? Very few people realize that Bulgaria is quite a competitive country when it comes to technology. Our Software Engineers are placed on remarkable places in world rankings. Find out why is Bulgaria not only so beautiful, but also tech-savvy by watching the video.


Women’s Day @ScaleFocus

Women’s Day 2019 @ScaleFocus

ScaleFocus’ ladies from all office locations were pampered for their special day with some treats for a delightful start of the day. The sweetest part of the day were the brooches, specifically designed for the women of ScaleFocus. We stayed true to our traditions to support Bulgarian brands and worked together with Dravkulki.


Upnetix Football Team

Our colleagues from the Upnetix office have demonstrated amazing sports skills. They are part of the IT Football League and have had a great start of the season. Launched on 26th of February, this season of the league will finish in the first week of July. Our football team’s performance has been pretty impressive so far and we expect this to continue. From 4 football matches in total, they have 2 victories and one draw.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for their future games and hope they will bring us even more occasions to celebrate.



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