5 March, 2019
SAP ABAP Scale Camp: Our Success Story

We are proud to announce that one of our long-term educational projects – Scale Camp, SAP ABAP module, successfully finished on the 28th of February with a graduation ceremony and a small gathering of the whole ScaleFocus SAP team at Kanaal.

In order to tell the whole story, let us have a short throwback to the beginning:

Last October, we fire started the first of its kind Scale Camp for Java and SAP enthusiasts, aiming to redefine the approach of businesses towards young talents. The campaign gave young professionals with little or no experience the opportunity to learn from the best in Java and SAP, as well as to put the fresh knowledge in action by working on real projects. We strongly believe sharing the experience and know-how from established professionals is the right way to support the educational system and really make a change.

Our first camp was dedicated to Java and SAP ABAP modules. This was the first SAP ABAP camp in Bulgaria. ScaleFocus is a certified Silver SAP partner and successfully integrated the first Greenfield SAP S/4HANA in Bulgaria for Tempodem last year. Our team was the winner in the SAP HANA Cloud StartUp Challenge. The source of inspiration and knowledge for the campers were the best SAP developers, who have built successful careers in Germany, the United Kingdom and Bulgaria.

We began with the recruitment campaign in October. More than 100 camp enthusiasts sent their CVs for review and after a careful consideration the top 12 candidates were welcomed to the first of its kind SAP ABAP camp in Bulgaria. The extensive training included different lectures, learning materials and exercises, distributed in 4 different modules:

  • Module I – Introduction to SAP Architecture & ABAP Environment
  • Module II – Creation of program based on statement and user interactions
  • Module III – OOP, Dialog programming & Unit tests
  • Module IV: Task from a Real Project

Each camper demonstrated strong motivation and desire to succeed during the whole 4-month education plan. From the 12 preselected candidates, who participated in the Scale Camp SAP ABAP module, 8 top performers graduated successfully and were invited to proceed with their career as a part of the ScaleFocus SAP Team. Their tech-driven journey towards new SAP Horizons is just beginning, let’s wish them the best of luck!

Our Scale Camp for Java developers is still ongoing and we will update you as soon as it ends. So, stay tuned.

As a Bulgarian company, we at ScaleFocus are fully dedicated to educating and retaining young talent from our beautiful country. We have put a lot of effort in supporting and developing from scratch different initiatives and activities, whose main purpose is to help the community thrive and grow in the constantly changing environment, not only in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, but in other cities as well. Our colleagues from Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna regularly host lectures, take part in Hackathons and share their knowledge and hands-on experience with enthusiastic open-minded people. These are a few of the freshest examples:

Stay tuned for more information regarding upcoming initiatives for knowledge sharing. If you wish to participate from the inside, you can check the open positions in our team.