15 February, 2019
Bring your + Wine – The Idea in Glass

​There is an old Bulgarian tradition that says on 14th of February is the day when the vineyard must betrimmed, so they can grow grape again, and the year will be fruitful (with wine) that day is called Trifon Zarezan. Nowadays on that very same day we also celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, otherwise – the day of love, wine or the love of wine. That inspired us to celebrate it with our “Bring your + Wine” event at the Burgas and Plovdiv offices. The whole idea was everyone to bring their plus one bottle of wine, to enjoy some wine with a dash of love and share time with the colleagues.

Casual atmosphere with a few glasses of “grape juice” and funny dating stories of love turned out as the perfect end of Thursday work day with part of our ScaleFamily. As it has been told – “In Vino Veritas”, which means “the truth is in the wine”, otherwise when people drink – they speak the truth, so you can get to know them quite easier. It was great #InsideScaleDegustation, with a #StoryTelling note.

“This guy gave me a bouquet on our first date. It was winter time and the ground was icy. Of course, I fell on the bouquet and I crushed all the flowers with my butt. Obviously, we didn’t have a second date.”

Viktoriya Smilyanova, HR Trainee