11 February, 2019
HackDay Saturday at ScaleFocus Plovdiv office

It was one of those sunny Saturdays, when you wake up, see the sun is shining and get this burst of energy and positive emotions. It was 8AM and I was excited to go see my colleagues in Plovdiv and mentor the teams, which had signed-up for the HackDay. This was an internal friendly competition, which aimed to encourage colleagues to think outside of the box and gather forces to solve a real problem.

The theme of the event was “Make the Intranet Great Again” and its main goal was to give wings to participants practical ideas on how to improve our internal platform. When we arrived in Plovdiv, the weather was even sunnier. Once I stepped in the office, I saw enthusiastic people, gathered in groups, who were exchanging ideas and discussing. I was so pleased. Those creative minds were part of my colleagues. How not to be excited?

So I started going around the teams, asking about their ideas and doing all other mentoring things.. you know. What inspired me most was the way people talked about how to make the Intranet great again. There was so much passion in their eyes and words. I was stunned. My idea was to validate and challenge their ideas, yet there was nothing to challenge. They had thought of everything, played every scenario and saw every side of the coin. We ordered pizzas and beer to support our stomachs at the lunch break and went back to work straight after.

During the afternoon, the teams were preparing their presentation. So I walked around to try helping or bothering with my tips and tricks. God, I was so proud of these people. Wait, I already said that. Guess its never enough. When the time for the final presentations came, the respected jury, consisting of Jivko Radev (VP Software Solutions), Angelina Galabova (HR Director), Ivan Ivanov (VP Enterprise Solutions) and Tushka Dermendzhieva (Senior Software Engineer) gathered to listen to the presentations and decide on the winner. After an hour of discussing the solutions and challenging the ideas behind them, a winner has to be picked. It was a hard choice, I could tell. The jury needed more than half an hour to agree who will win the Hackathon.

So the time came and the winners were announced. Stoyan (Senior Security Operations Engineer) and Tsvetomir (Security Operations Engineer) won a voucher for our homemade Scale Ale beer. Enjoy it champs!

Now you may still ask me why I love working at ScaleFocus. Well, if the story above inspired you as well, become part of our amazing team and let’s gather forces to bring our ideas to life. In the meantime, keep your eyes on inside.scalefocus.com.

By Mariya Zasheva, Marketing Specialist