7 February, 2019
ScaleFocus Burgas with knowledge-sharing initiative with Burgas’ software community

Sharing is caring.

This is a statement that we at ScaleFocus strongly believe in. This philosophy triggered our participation in the initiative “Burgas IT Pro Meetup”, in partnership with Codific and Technologica. The idea of this series of meetings is to strengthen the IT community in Burgas by sharing our knowledge and giving practical examples from projects of software engineers working in the leading Bulgarian software companies.

How exactly are we doing software knowledge sharing?

We currently are and will continue to hold a series of evening sessions during which professionals gather in an informal setting to discuss and share experiences, latest developments and best practices.

On the 6th of February the Security edition of the Burgas IT Pro Meetup Series was held at the Karaoke Bar Burgas. More than 50 professionals were welcomed as guests to discuss and share different experiences and best practices related to security matters in software development. We had a thorough agenda planned for the event, consisting of five lectures:

1/ The Equifax Data Breach Simulation – Web applications’ vulnerabilities

2/ Organizational Security and Process Management

3/ Top 10 Web Threats

4/ Development and Deployment Processes

5/ Securing APIs (JWTs vs Cookies, Bearers, Authorization in APIs)

The presentations were prepared by experts, working at the three major companies involved as well as another local software company. As we had quite some engagement lots of things to share we cut-down to the first three topics. As for the other two – stay tuned for the next editions of Burgas IT Pro Meetup Series, which are to be organized by our two partners in this endeavor.

What’s next for ScaleFocus Burgas knowledge sharing in software engineering?

The Burgas IT Pro Meetup Series is another proof for ScaleFocus’ devotion to the development of the IT community in Burgas. We have initiated and participated in numerous activities involving sharing the knowledge and experience we have gathered so far. Here are just some to mention:

The next editions of the series Burgas IT Pro meetup are yet to come, organized by our partners.  In the meantime in May we are planning a series of open door sessions with Burgas universities and high schools. Students, studying IT and software engineering will be able to attend lectures at ScaleFocus’ office and take a peek behind the curtains of how software is being developed in a leading Bulgarian software engineering company. Starting the summer season ScaleFocus’ office in Burgas will hold a series of technical discussions with the regular Summer Vibes initiative. ScaleFocusarians from Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna offices will be rotating each week in Burgas office to work from the seaside as well as share knowledge with the local IT community.

Stay tuned for more knowledge sharing in software engineering by ScaleFocus Burgas.

By Desislava Palikova, Talent Management Specialist