31 January, 2019
ScaleFocus Burgas investing knowledge with Assen Zlatarov University

The importance of business – education unions has been exponentially growing in all business domains in the past decade in Bulgaria. Though when it comes to software engineering this need is hitting the ecosystem even stronger. There is not only a long-term common gain in it with matching software companies’ demand and universities’ supply, but it has a vast impact on society in general. The early adopters of this way of thinking have been both winners and game changers throughout history. Thus, each story for a good partnership between a company and educational organization is worth sharing.

Let’s take a peek at how we are represented at the Burgas academic scene.


It took us less than a year to establish a strong partnership with the key local institutions and the entire software engineering ecosystem. We are supporting the IT High School in Burgas’ opening by being part of the official school council and hosting several software engineering and general technology focused lectures for their students and welcoming them at our office. In fact one of our Delivery Managers has a regular weekly lecture on Blockchain with the students, where he demystifies how Blockchain works and how software engineers can leverage its strenghts. Our Burgas office is also very closely working with the Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics “KONSTANTIN FOTINOV” and the Burgas Free University in various initiatives, related to lecturing and sharing software engineering knowledge. One of our long-term plays is the establishment of a program with Assen Zlatarov University. Part of it was the recent participation of our colleague Martin Pavlov, Team Lead at ScaleFocus.

Martin shared his knowledge and hands-on experience on PHP with 2nd year students at Assen Zlatarov University. He made an interesting parallel between PHP and standard OOP and moreover, opened a discussion on hot topics like teamwork and communication with clients. Martin has a background as a judge at University’s hackathon and currently, has an invitation to lead lectures about Software Architecture.

Yet another initiative with the university Assen Zlatarev is a course in Digital Entrepreneurship, which is led by our marketing director Metodi Amov. He is spreading his expertise in the software engineering, outsourcing digital industry in Bulgaria with practical sessions on starting a new business, growing innovations, securing financing and generally how business development is being done by the successful digital companies in the world.

We believe in leading by example and we heavily invest in the future of bright talents. Stepping into the local education position us as a responsible company, but most importantly this let us contribute to and develop the Burgas’ IT ecosystem.

Here’s a short overview of what’s next from ScaleFocus Burgas:

  • On the 6th of February we are taking term as sponsor of a Burgas local event for IT professionals Burgas IT Pro Meetup. We’ve organized a software security-focused session, where our software engineering colleagues will talk about security processes and penetration testing. Other colleagues from local IT companies will also share their experience with software security projects.
  • We are planning a series of open-door events in three months with all educational institutions we are currently partnering with. This series of events will include lectures of software engineering topics. We will focus on the theoretical, practical as well as business side of software engineering. Stay tuned for more information.

Establishing a culture like this is an important part of the company’s development. If you can relate to our approach towards education and local communities, check our openings and drop us a line.