18 December, 2018
All Stars Party

Last Friday, we celebrated the upcoming holidays and almost the end of the year with our All Stars Party. Lots of smiles, good music and special stars-themed awards made this an event to remember. Two photo booths captured all our funny moments which you can see below.

We enjoyed the time with our colleagues from Upnetix and had the chance to battle on the dancefloor of Sofia Live Club.

The party began with a short recap of the year as well as a Thank-you-all speech from our CEO. The programme continued with special all stars awards for some of our top performers. We selected all winners, based on the results of an anonymous companies-wide voting.

Here are the categories and our lucky winners:

We had special awards for our specialists who dedicated their time on the ScaleCamp initiative. Both Java and SAP training teams got on the stage to take their special award supported by a big round of applause.

Our special guests were Aleks and Vladi – young talented singers that got popular after their participation in the local X Factor competition.

The party started right after the so called official part and finished after the sunrise. 🙂