14 December, 2018
ScaleFocus Robotics Challenge 2018

Robotics is one of the hottest buzzwords nowadays. We, at ScaleFocus, constantly strive to be up-to-date with all the cool new techy things. That’s how the idea of the ScaleFocus Robotics Challenge was born. We strongly believe Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are bringing the world of IT to a new level. Our Robotics Challenge gave teammates the opportunity to develop an innovative solution on a real working robot.

This initiative is the child of last year’s Innovation Challenge, where colleagues had the chance to bring their bravest ideas to life. The winning team got the chance to travel to Japan and have a specialized tech tour around the city. Their solution – “SoundVision” aims to assist people with visual disabilities in the daily lives by leveraging cutting edge technology. Here is what last year’s participants share:

“I have taken part in a few challenges of that kind, yet none of them turned out as a success for me or my idea, until I decided to take part in the ScaleFocus Innovation Challenge. It made me believe success is possible.”

– Georgi Nastev, Practice Lead

“The Innovation Challenge is an initiative, which drives you to actually share your ideas. The best part is, you will find people, who will believe in you and help you

bring that idea to life.”

– Radoslava Dimitrova, HR Business Partner

The Innovation Challenge was an interesting brain game. I had fun, while working on something new. It also made me think how I can actually contribute with something, to impact the ordinary people’s lives.

My advice to this year’s participants:

Think about the impact of your ideas. Think how they can be accomplished. Have fun while doing it!

– Ivan Stefanov, Software Engineer

This year, the competition took another angle and transformed from pure innovation to innovation, with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The focus topics of the challenge were:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Social Innovation
  • Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Challenge Stages

Stage 1: Idea Submissions

All participants had to submit their ideas in written form, by taking into consideration various market factors as well as the potential for innovation. They were also required to provide short description of the product/service as well as development plan and milestones.

The committee’s selection criteria took several things into consideration when evaluating project’s viability:

  • Relevance of the market problem.
  • Knowledge of the related matter.
  • Feasibility and construction proof of proof of the project.
  • Quality of submission and presentation.

Stage 2: Pitch Presentations

Three teams from ScaleFocus (ScaleCare, ScaleDroneX and RoboScan) and one from Upnetix were shortlisted as finalists and reached to the presentations stage of the Robotics Challenge. They presented their ideas in front of the jury and had to convince them their idea is worth turning into reality.

Stage 3: Prototype Development and Acceptance

During this stage, teams were developing prototypes of their products. Here is where their ideas were starting to take shape. Accepted prototypes complied with all submission milestones as well as described functionalities.

Stage 4: Robotics Challenge Finals

All teams, showcased their prototypes or demos of a working solution in front of the jury. The winner – “ScaleCare” won tech tour at one of the hottest global innovation spots – Silicon Valley. All teams will have the opportunity to develop their solutions further and bring them to life, with the help of all ScaleFocusarians.

The winners and all participants received certificates at our All-Stars party last Friday. Thanks to all participants, who were brave enough to take a step and make a change.

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