13 December, 2018
Holiday Spirit Inside ScaleFocus

Holidays Decorations Inside ScaleFocus

The Holidays are coming and we can already feel the spirit inside our offices. Teammates worked together to decorate Christmas trees and filled-in our software delivery centers with joy and laughter. We always strive to work together not only on projects, but on other initiatives as a team.

Annual Kids Christmas Party

Santa came earlier in our software delivery centers this year. Teammates brought their kids and had fun, while dancing and playing with each other. Our friends from party agency “Dzhuli Maruli” entertained the little fellows in our Sofia office. They painted their faces and made sure everyone was having a good time.

Santa and Snow-white flew all the way to Plovdiv and Burgas as well. He couldn’t miss seeing and playing with the children in our delivery centers there as well. Of course, the good Santa had prepared special surprise gifts for all kids.


Every year, our offices turn into a party arena for our colleagues’ children. The Christmas Kids Party serves as a warm-up for our All-Stars Party, which will take place this Friday at Sofia Live Club. We will travel to distant planets with Alex and Vladi  and announce the winners in this year’s All-Stars awards. Here are the categories:

  • Spaceship Captain
  • Space Crew
  • Idea Generator
  • Time Traveler
  • Party Allien
  • Rising Star

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