5 December, 2018
ScaleFocus Burgas Movie Nights – Winter Vibes Edition

Do you like going to the cinema? How about having the cinema experience at home by watching your favorite movies with your beloved ones? Who doesn’t!?

All that is easily achievable. You can either go to the closest cinema or you can buy a surround sound system and install it in your living room.

Personally, I am a big fan of movies and I love watching the latest movies on big screen and enjoying every sound effect played  by the latest surround sound technologies.

What if you can have this exact movie theater experience with your co-workers at the office? A place where you can watch your favorite movies with your colleagues. A place where you can watch big industry events and catch-up on software innovations. A place to chill and “break the ice” between you and your new teammates.

Well, this is easily achievable in our new office, located in the magnificent town of Burgas. The office opened this summer and is our third software delivery center in Bulgaria.

Our marketing team has prepared a non-standard event with winter vibes in mind and invited our colleagues from ScaleFocus Burgas office to watch a series of inspiring movies in the Movie-theater next to the company’s office.

This is our second movie night session. It serves as a preparation for the upcoming winter season. Our teammates enjoyed some informative and inspiring ski and snowboard movies. This way we are warming up our passion and spending some great time with our colleagues as a family.

What else do we need for a great movie night? Pizza and drinks, of course! 🙂

Not enough? Maybe this teaser will give you even better #insideScaleFocus information.

However, this is not the most interesting part but just a small part of the fun we have here in the Burgas office.

Earlier this year, during summer 2018, we hosted our second Summer Vibes initiative, where our colleagues from Sofia and Plovdiv were invited to work from our software development center in Burgas for a week. Every week, from June to September, different teams visited our ScaleFocus office in Burgas, worked passionately. Of course, they took that same passion to the beach every day after working hours. They had a great week full of fun and awesome time, spent together with their teammates from ScaleFocus Burgas.

It was a great experiment that we run for a second year and it shows great results! Everyone is focused to complete their work in a quality manner and very timely to have more time to hit the beach.

Read more about our Summer Vibes initiative, here!

I want to ask you something: Do you want to work for the most advanced Bulgarian software development and engineering company? Do you want to work from your hometown or is Sofia unbearably noisy for you? Do you want to feel at home at your workplace?

And the most important question: Do you know, that we are offering the opportunity to help you relocate to our office in Burgas?

No!? You haven’t heard about that!?

Well, let me list the benefits, you will get if you decide to relocate to Burgas:

  • We will help you to transfer your belongings from Sofia/Plovdiv/Varna to Burgas.
  • We will assist you in finding a suitable place to live in. Rent prices in Burgas are 42% lower, compared to those in Sofia.
  • You will be able to choose from different job opportunities at ScaleFocus Burgas, competitive remuneration and cool office space.
  • We will assist you to find a kinder garden, school, and university for your kids.
  • You will have a discount card for the newest swimming pool in town and tons of other local sport and recreational centers.
  • You will have discounts on scuba diving and sailing courses.
  • You will have discounts for cultural events: theater, cinema, opera, concerts, festivals.
  • And last but not least we will provide you with up to 5000 BGN, which you can use for your relocation purposes.

Visit this link and find all current job openings. Choose the most suitable for you and apply. Then we will get in touch with you. As easy as that!

Find all ScaleFocus Job Openings in Burgas, here.