13 September, 2018
French delegation at ScaleFocus’ Sofia office

Yesterday, a group of 22 students from the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce visited our Headquarters. They had a short tour to explore our redesigned office space. Pursuing degrees in Product Management, Human Resource Management and Business Administration, students were divided in three groups, where they had the chance to listen to advice from our most distinguished professionals in the respective spheres – Nadia Anatkova (Senior Product Manager), Diyan Mihaylov (Product Manager), Mladen Tsvetkov (Business Development Specialist) and Angelina Galabova (HR Director).

After the short discussions, we had a lovely time exploring the magnificent view from the 24th floor, over coffee and sweets. Our CEO, Plamen Tsekov greeted the students and wished them all best in their future endeavors.

Thank you guys for visiting ScaleFocus. We hope you enjoyed your time here as much as we did. It is always inspiring to meet young enthusiastic people. Stay tuned for more news.