30 July, 2018
Georgi Sotirov, Senior Software Engineer, #ScaleUp

In the #ScaleUp series our top performers share their success ScaleFocus stories and talk about how they grew and developed professionally within the company. Our Software Engineer Georgi Sotirov was recently promoted to Senior Software Engineer.

Watch his interview and find out more about the everyday life of Georgi, the challenges he faces and how he manages with the new position.

Please introduce yourself

Hello! My name is Georgi. I’m a Java programmer at ScaleFocus and I recently got promoted to a Senior Software Engineer.

Tell us more about the new position.

Well, the new position is in a way similar to the old one. I’m still doing what I love which is programming, but at the same time it’s quite different because I have more responsibilities such as mentoring younger colleagues, which is challenging and interesting.

How did you become part of ScaleFocus?

It was actually a long time ago – in 2012. I just finished my penultimate year at University and I was looking for an internship here in Sofia. Back then there were not that many companies, so ScaleFocus offered me a really interesting opportunity. I thought it was a young and ambitious company so I decided to join them for the summer and here I am now – six years later still at ScaleFocus.

If you can describe yourself with 3 words what they will be?

Ambitious, responsible and open-minded, I guess.

When did you passion for programming started?

My passion for programming started I’d say ever since I was a young boy when the computer was one of my favorite objects. In high school I started reading self-study books and started my own small programming projects. I then pursued a degree in computer science and now I’m working as a software engineer so it was basically my whole life.

What is your biggest professional challenge?

In a company like  ScaleFocus one of the challenges, which is of course very interesting challenging, is changing your project quite rapidly and it takes some adjustment to the new project.  I like it because you get to meet new people, get to learn technologies and develop your skills quicker I’d say.

What is your success formula?

My success formula is you should always go the extra mile and always do a little bit more than what’s expected. This will never get unnoticed and will always yield the results back.

What motivates you on a daily basis?

So what motivates me on a daily basis I would say is family and friends, because that’s always the main motivator in most people’s lives.

Do you have favorite out-of-office activities?

In my spare time I like to do sports – in summer I do biking and swimming, in winter I do snowboarding. I also like to work on my side projects outside of work. I’m with an entrepreneurial spirit, so I also like to socialize with similar people.