27 July, 2018
Gelato and Scaleba Workshops #insideScaleFocus

Yesterday, we hosted our first gelato workshop inside ScaleFocus. July is our ice-cream month. We learned how to make delicious homemade gelato in just a few steps. Our Talent Trainer Hrisi Bogdanova, took the role of the chef and heroically handled the mixer side by side with our Web UI Developer – Vessy Sirakova. In the end, we had the chance to taste four different types of delicious ScaleFocus gelato.

Here’s the secret recipe for our ScaleFocus gelato:


  • 500ml. sweet sour cream – it’s always better to use one with about 30% fat.
  • 1 small can of condensed milk – 400g.
  • Optional – 500g. Mascarpone.
  • Shipka salt (yes, salt).

Stir the cooled cream with a mixer. Add the condensed milk. Add the Mascarpone.
Add any taste you want to.  Pour into a frozen box with lid. Freeze for approximately 5 hours and then enjoy.

You can add:

  • Option 1 – jam/ dairy cookies.
  • Option 2 – 200-300g. Blueberries (washed and well-dried), crushed 1 chocolate / better use chocolate drops.
  • Option 3 – 1-2 Packages of crushed Oreo cookies.

Our Plovdiv team hosted a Scaleba (ScaleFocus Melba) workshop, where colleagues had the chance to decorate their ice-creams with various fruits, candies and other decorations. Way to go team!

Thank you all for joining us, we hope you are now one step ahead in learning how to prepare and decorate homemade delicacies. August is beer month. We will participate in many beer events and keep you up-to-date with everything happening inside ScaleFocus.