26 June, 2018
Konstantin Pavlov, Operations Manager #ScaleUp Interview

In the #ScaleUp series our top performers share their success ScaleFocus stories and talk about how they grew and developed professionally within the company. Our Business Development Specialist Konstantin Pavlov was recently promoted to Operations Manager.

Watch his interview and find out more about the everyday life of Kosio, the challenges he faces and how he manages with the new position.

Please, introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Konstantin Pavlov, I am 36 years old and I have been in ScaleFocus for more than 3 years. I have more than 14 years of experience in the IT area, dealing with various positions starting from operations as an Application Administrator, System Architecture and Enterprise Architecture, and nowadays I am a member of our Business Development Unit.

You are promoted to Operations Manager. How will you manage to adapt to the position?

After a few months, I will become fully dedicated to the Operations Manager position. On this position I will have a lot of responsibilities, dealing with internal business processes, with the cross-department interoperability or shortly said – how to be more effective in less time.

Is this your biggest professional challenge?

My biggest challenge… I don’t know. Ask me after 6 months and I will tell you. 🙂

But, we are asking about now?

Probably it was the day when my first son was born because then I understood that from now on everything will be different. This was the trigger to learn more from the area of psychological science and how to be better and communicate even better. This later influenced me to go to some trainings such as ‘Neurolinguistics programming’ where they teach you how to deliver your best every day.

What is your success formula?

First of all it is needed to THINK about the things. PREPARE. After that it is time for ACTION. And then CHECK THE RESULTS and IMPROVE FURTHER.

Do you have favorite out-of-office activities?

Many. I prefer to spend my free time with my family, of course, with my friends. We like to drive to amazing places to visit energized areas… in Bulgaria we have many. During the nights, I prefer to read a good book or to watch a great film.