15 May, 2018
Georgi Nastev, UX/UI Lead, #TopPerformer

During the past few months Georgi Nastev has become the Lead of the UI/UX team.

Georgi is a proven professional who maintains extremely flexible and friendly with all business stakeholders and his team. He participated in the internal Innovation Challenge and was one of the mentors at Hack Blagoevgrad.

How did you become a ScaleFocusarian?

Well, that was by coincidence. I was having thoughts of leaving my previous company so I decided to share that with a close friend of mine, who happened to be one of ScaleFocus’ Business Development people. I met with some of the managers and this is how I ended up in here.

What do you need to become a top-performer?

I guess different people have different formulas. My formula is persistence and hard work!

How long have you been part of our team?

It is almost 1 year and 4 months.

How can you describe it?

Initially, I entered the Shutterfly project, which gave me a chance to meet very nice people and very good professionals. This actually opened the ‘world of ScaleFocus’ to me and so far it has been very good.

Can you describe it in a single word?

Diversity (of different types of moments – hard, happy, pressure ones).

Favourite out-of-office activity?

I fly a plane sometimes and go kickboxing and firearm shooting.

How does it inspire you?

Kickboxing and shooting train persistence, good nerves and discipline. They give me some stress relief from the daily pressure.

Flying a plane is purely for pleasure. This was my original desire when I was a kid – to become a military pilot. However, I ended up as a Software Developer. 🙂 Can’t wait for my kid to grow up enough to introduce him to those activities! He is already a big fan of planes.

Recently you became the Lead of UI/UX team. Tell me more about the team. How do you manage with the new job position and the whole team?

That is an interesting position actually – it gives me a broad range of projects and I got to meet different people. To be honest, it is not easy to inspire busy people, who are very smart and talented. You have to be at that level to inspire them and have them feel that you can lead the practice.

Who is the champ among them?

I could not say one name. At different levels there are different people who are actually very good at what they do.

Where will you drive the new BMW?

I will probably drive around the city. I also have a family in Plovdiv who I will certainly visit.

As I can recall your previous position was Development Manager. How is your day different now being Team Lead of the UI/UX team?

It is sort of an upgrade, yet some of the activities are the same. I have additional things like staffing and I have to position people in different projects and that is one of the hardest things (for me at least) 🙂 This is mostly because you have to collaborate between what people want and what the businesses desires. You have to play with all those things and figure out what is the best solution for both sides.

What are your future plans for the team?

For now, since it is a newly formatted practice, what I want to do is see what are the current issues, how can we deal with them, to organize people and find interesting projects for all of them.

In the future – we will definitely expand as we want to level up the knowledge of people, who are already in ongoing projects. Some of them already started trainings and we gained a couple of accounts to run different learning platforms. Additionally, we want to have a sort of internal initiative to collect components, which we use in different projects, for other similar projects in order to make them reusable.

I will leave the other plans as a surprise.

Do you think the next Top Performer will come out of your team?

Yes. Actually, I have couple of suggestions.

What are the UI/UX top-notch technologies that ScaleFocus need to invest in the future?

Well, currently, the most popular are React and Angular with their latest versions. However, I can see that more and more different types of devices are coming into the business world including i.e. cars’ infotainment systems.

As UI practice, we should probably keep an eye in that direction and see if we can be helpful with this in ScaleFocus.

I think that this is one of the newest trends that will require some easy-to-use human interface so that you can still drive the car.