9 May, 2018
ScaleFocus Office Olympics 2018

The Story behind our ScaleFocus Office Olympics

Greatness comes from within! A hero is living in each of us. A ScaleFocus hero. One that doesn’t stop until he reaches the top. Full of passion, spirit and extraordinary feats, our heroes always strive to excel in every task. This is how the story of our Office Olympics was born.

Throughout the course of 3 weeks, our Sofia and Plovdiv offices became the arena for a set of six games, each of them designed to test the physical, cognitive and team-oriented skills of our ScaleFocus Olympians. Teams CherryNot Fast Just Furious, Dandelion, Tigers, Crazy Ants, SAS, ProActive, Paraolympians and Kraeshtnik gave their hearts and souls for the win.

The first week of the ScaleFocus Olympics began with an Office Race and Quiz. Our heroes had fun while driving around with an electric narcine vehicle and a three-wheeled bicycle. Guess the Place, Guess the Flag and Who invented this were the three topics, which gave participants the opportunity to show-off their knowledge in different aspects.

Week II was even more exciting. TIC-TAC-TOE with T-shirts and Guess the Spice managed to test Olympians’ senses and ability to run and think fast at the same time. Once again, team play and strong spirit were holding our heroes together.

The final week of the initiative gave floor to all Michael Jordans with a Paper Basketball game. Build our Slogan brought participants even closer to each other, by making them smash balloons with their bodies. The 7 key words, which describe ScaleFocus: “We Do IT to Make You Smile” were hidden in 10 balloons. One would ask himself: How can you place 7 words in 10 balloons? The answer is simple: 3 of them were containing pieces of paper with a wrong word.

The awards ceremony marked the official closing of our Office Olympics for this year. Congratulations to all teams and our winners – Tigers (Sofia office) and SAS (Plovdiv). Each hero received a sweet medal in the form of a biscuit and a certificate. The champions will have the opportunity to strengthen their team relations even more by going to an Escape Room together.

So, that’s how to story unfolds. We are proud our Olympic Games brought so many smiles, laughter and people together. This is all for now, folks. The story of our Office Olympics will continue to inspire, engage and motivate our heroes.