30 April, 2018
Kiril Raykov, Junior QA Engineer #ScaleUp

In the #ScaleUp series our top performers share their success ScaleFocus stories and talk about how they grew and developed professionally within the company. This week, our QA Engineer, Kiril Raykov falls under the radar.

Kiril, tell us more about yourself.

I am Kiril Raykov, Junior Quality Automation Engineer. I graduated from the Professional High School of Computer Technologies and Systems in Pravets – a subsidiary of Technical University in Sofia. Later, I decided to obtain a Bachelors Degree at the same institute.

My family members and most of my friends are also engineers, so you kind of know where I got the passion for programming and the technologies from.

My interest in software programming started back in 10th grade with simple development games – maze game, puzzle. Later, I decided to start digging deeper into 2D action games, which helped me a lot in my final project at high school.

Honestly, I had prepared and built enough projects, which were suitable for presenting at this stage, yet I decided to work with a teammate to develop something bigger. Together, we managed to set up an Android-Controlled Bluetooth Jeep from scratch,using Arduino microcontroller.

When I started my first year at university, I was about to finish my 2nd game, which was developed for both Windows and Android.

My Space Raiders are published on Google Play Store.

I learned a lot from users’ feedback after releasing it.

How did you become a ScaleFocusarian?

I realized my university schedule was not so sufficient, so I decided to start looking for a job. I am very grateful to my cousin, who helped me shape a CV and told me about ScaleFocus (short info about her – working abroad as a QA Manager and having friends from ScaleFocus).

Then the day arrived – I was on a real interview for a QA Automation position. Even though I was quite insecure, it all went smooth and I really liked the atmosphere.

I started as a QA Trainee in one of our Media Teams. I was on a 4-hour working schedule, but I frequently stayed for the whole day.

Later, I decided to go full-time since time is only a number. If you are concentrated you will definitely manage to put together a good agenda.

What is your key to success?

Professionally – to collaborate smooth with the team and help each other. I am confident to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of my colleagues.

Personally – it is up to you how to process things such as motivation and dedication, which are related to both personal and professional growth.

What was/is your biggest technical challenge?

My first big task in the company was to create a functional testing framework from scratch. I had fixed a suitable time frame, which was constantly pushing me to move forward and work harder.

What was/is your biggest personal challenge? 

As of this moment, my personal challenge is managing my time. Since I’m working full time in an international team, I’m still active at university, I’m trying  to stay active in different sports, maintain a social life and take online courses. I strive to efficiently balance my time to be productive and effective.

You mentioned that you have a passion for game development. Why aren’t you in a gaming company ?

Interesting question. Back then, when I was searching for a job in the IT world, there were no game development positions suitable for me. Also, a friend of mine, who is quite more experienced, suggested I should start with something else and polish my technical skills first.

Favorite out-of-office activities?

I am really keen on indoor wall climbing and fitness.

Do you have any extra in-office activities? (i.e. participating in one of the Social clubs)

Not yet, most probably because of limited time. Though, I am really interested in such kinds of initiatives and love the variety of choices ScaleFocus offers.