23 February, 2018
Creativity on Focus: “The Workplace I love” Vol.2

Creativity on Focus Vol.1

Creativity on Focus is an internal initiative, which transformed our Sofia office into the workplace we all love. Together with our friends from Fusion Academy, we had the opportunity to personally craft our working space. It all began with workshops, where we shared ideas and ended with the actual redesign. See how we did it.

Creativity on Focus Vol.2

After the official end of the Sofia redesign, it is now Plovdiv’s turn. Once again, we jumped into the world of creativity, colorful ideas and team spirit. During the Workshop “Creativity on Focus: The workplace I love” Vol.2, our top performers came up with many interesting suggestions for the new design of our comfy office space in Plovdiv.

Thanks to all proactive colleagues, we created the image of ScaleFocus with colors, symbols and shapes. Take a peek inside the gallery.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of our Plovdiv office redesign.