15 January, 2018
Wellbeing Month Inside ScaleFocus

The Wellbeing month inside ScaleFocus started with an exciting presentation. Konstantin Dragov from TLEX (Transformational Leadership for Excellence) gave a presentation on “Handling stress and pressure at work confidently and with ease”. The TLEX program MIND MATTERS teaches participants how to keep a balance between mental and physical activity. Thus, they can stay healthy and effective in the long run, even under the most challenging of circumstances.

Konstantin focused on how high potential individuals can continue to perform at top speed, while being under challenging circumstances. He also talked about how to uphold high levels of performance, while at the same time stay calm, relaxed and focused. The 1-hour session included topics like:

  • ​Work-life integration.
  • Mind-Management techniques.
  • Positive mindset at work.
  • Creating mind-friendly working structures.

Our colleagues from Plovdiv office heard more about how to shop, cook and eat healthy. Dilyana Kisyova, who is a Tabata HIIT Trainer also taught Scalefocusarians simple, yet very effective back and neck exercises, suitable for the office.

Next theme event

Our Wellbeing month continued at full speed with another special presentation on Fast Fitness Results: Mission Possible by a local personal trainer Stanimir Mihov.

The event was part of the Wellbeing theme month agenda. Stanimir lead the presentation like a Q&A and answered the questions from over 30 ScaleFocusarians while giving prompt suggestions on healthy food, trainings and work-life balance.