7 November, 2017
Innovation Challenge #insideScaleFocus

Bringing ideas to life

We at ScaleFocus are constantly striving to reach the highest heights and succeed in all endeavors. Our team of top performers express creativity and proactively takes participation in all projects. When you say jump, we’ll ask how high. šŸ™‚ This year we decided to give our colleagues the opportunity to bring some of their brightest ideas to life.

The Innovation Challenge is an internal competition, where some of the bravest concepts have the potential to be realized as working solutions.Ā  It is inspired by our strive to support and enable innovation on both professional and personal level. Turning ideas into mutual success stories is our primary aim.

The focus in the first challenge was on:

  • Healthcare
  • Climate Change
  • Social Innovation

Innovation Challenge StagesĀ 

Stage 1: Innovation Idea Submission

All participants had to submit their ideas in written form, by taking into consideration various market factors as well as the potential for innovation. They were also required to provide short description of the product/service as well as development plan and milestones.

The committee’s selection criteria took several things into consideration when evaluating project’s viability:

  • Originality.
  • Relevance of the market problem.
  • Knowledge of the related matter.
  • Feasibility and construction proof of proof of the project.
  • Quality of submission and presentation.

Stage 2: Finalists PresentationsĀ 

Throughout this stage, the selection committee shortlisted the top 5 teams. All of them presented their ideas with pictures, videos, text and detailed descriptions. Presentations took place between 21.08-25.08.2017.

Stage 3: Prototype Development and AcceptanceĀ 

During this stage, teams were developing prototypes of their products. Here is where their ideas were starting to take shape. The deadline for submission was 13th of October. Accepted prototypes complied with all submission milestones as well as described functionalities.

Final Stage: Awards for the top performersĀ 

The winning team received a special reward for the creative idea and well-designed prototypes. The award is a unique combination of technological and tourist tours in one fun memorable experience!

Stay tuned for more details. šŸ™‚