31 October, 2017
Learn and Dinner Initiative

Learn and Dinner Vol.1

The first edition of our ‘Learn and Dinner’ initiative at the Sofia office was hosted on 19th of July 2016. Our Senior Infrastructure Administrator Nikolay Georgiev presented one of ScaleFocus’ Mtel’s projects. Niki presented the case and characteristics of Mtel’s middle-ware architecture. After that, he discussed the problem with other participants. These events aim to encourage discussion and lead to team problem-solving. At the end of the event, Niki revealed the steps for the successful execution of the project.


Learn and Dinner Vol.2

The second edition of ‘Learn and Dinner’ at our Sofia office took place of the 14th of October 2016.

Our Practice Lead Krasimir Kostadinov present the theme: ‘‘Breaking code. Creating a software professional culture for managers and engineers‘‘. Krassi and all participants had a nice discussion, accompanied with pizza and good beer.

The same event also took place in our Plovdiv office on 28th of October. Our software Engineer, Penka Simonova discussed the topic of : ”C# new features”. 


Learn and Dinner Vol.3

The “Learn and Dinner” initiative became an integral part of ScaleFocus internal events. One of our Business Analysts, Zdravko Ivanov, used a different approach for his lecture. The topic was “What is a Business Analysis”. Zdravko chose to discuss it by providing a practicle example real-life example. He explained how he chose his car, after conducting a detailed analysis before making the actual purchase.


Learn and Dinner Vol.4

On the 27th of September, our Practice Lead, Ivaylo Sharkov gave a lecture on “Code, Test and Two smoking barrels – Real Heroes deploy in Production”. Our colleagues were interested to hear more about this hot topic and discuss it with Ivo. Scalefocussarians had a nice dinner with good company.