12 March, 2017
Why I chose to stay in Bulgaria? – by Radoslava Tsanova

It was a dynamic day at work – interviews, meetings, anxiety about the upcoming Bulgarian holidays – Baba Marta, 3rd of March, International Women’s Day… After the cold February, we all were looking forward to entering March. I could already feel the first signs of the Spring season.

As all ScaleFocusarians know, our Marketing team never stops thinking of new initiatives. These aim to keep us together and to provoke us generate ideas or simply have fun. You never know when will Vesko meet you in the Rest Area and start talking about the next challenge or initiative.

Yes, this was one of those days! So, Vesko asked me if I am willing to take part in a short video. Its primary purpose was for every participant to share why he/she has chosen to live in Bulgaria. What a great topic!
Of course, I was ready with my decision in seconds 🙂 Here I am!

My everyday job includes meeting different types of professionals, who share their stories with me. Some of them have studied abroad, others have worked in other countries, but came back to Bulgaria. There are many bright people, who chose to stay in our country, rather than search for new horizons elsewhere. We share the same beliefs – here we can grow, be happy and fill “complete”, raise our children, travel with friends and be “open-hearted”, proud to call ourselves Bulgarians.

The “shooting” day arrived and I felt various emotions, running throug my body. I was preparing for the 2-minutes of glory and was a little nervous – am I going to look natural? Am I going to share all things I have in mind? Am I going to motivate the young people, who are facing cross board to stay in Bulgaria? I asked Vesko to paint the Bulgarian flag on my cheek and sat in front of the camera to simply answer: Why did you choose to stay in Bulgaria?

Dear Marketing Team, I would like to THANK YOU for making me part of this initiative. Bulgaria is a country with rich history. Generation after generation, we have proven that Bulgarians can survive anything by staying together in the dark times. We have wonderful nature,  people are friendly as well as highly motivated. I do believe we should stay and contribute to our country’s progress.

Let’s be proud Bulgarians!

Radoslava Tsanova,
Senior Тalent Мanagement Specialist

See pictures of Radi and her family, exploring the beauty of Bulgaria below.