20 January, 2017
Then and Now initiative: Best memories go live

You have probably seen these hilarious then and now photos, haven’t you?

I have always wanted to re-create a favorite childhood memory but have never done it… until last December when I saw one of my favorite photos ever! It was taken in my kindergarten 23 years ago. It’s me and a friend of mine giggling during the international woman’s day. Soon I asked him to re-create it and he agreed with pleasure.

Going back to the same room in our kindergarten 23 years later was an unbelievable experience. I’ll definitely remember it for the whole of my life. It didn’t take us much time to get the photo done but a lot of fun and emotions. As I was watching it on the day after it blew-up my mind.

I realized that December was probably the best time of the year to look back to the good old times, take out old family photographs and meet dear friends.
And then I came up with an idea: “Let’s spread the idea to my teammates, cherish those happy moments and challenge ourselves to put all collages into a Then and now album. It would be great to see how we all have changed but still keep the child spirit deep inside each one of us” I thought.

That’s how the then and now initiative was born. The rest is simply a piece of joy and creative thinking by my teammates. Enjoy it!

Veselin Kirev, Digital Marketing Expert

Then and Now Veselin

Celebrating 8th of March in our kindergarten. We still #CantStoptheFeeling of dreaming big! 🙂

Then and Now of Plamen Tsekov, CEO

Then and Now of CEO

“Been on top of the peak! ?”

Then and Now of Stela Ivanova, Office Assistant

Then and Now Stela

“Next to my younger sister on her first day of school and then again of university. Distance is not a matter when it comes to giving my support when she needs it! Moments are transitional. #Sisterhood is forever! ?‍❤️‍?‍?

Then and Now of Stoyko Nalbantov, Software Engineer

Then and Now of Stoyko

“Listening to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.” ? 🙂

Then and Now of Denitsa Koleva, Talent Management Specialist

Then and Now Denitsa

“That’s the great thing about a tractor. You can’t really hear your father’s life lessons.” ?