25 December, 2016
Christmas Holiday Heroes at ScaleFocus’ office

Christmas is the season of giving.. Not only presents for the family, but also helping those in need. That is why the people of ScaleFocus turned into Holiday Heroes this Christmas. Our team joined the not-for-profit organization Holiday Heroes, to support and assist them in this cause. Here is what our heroes said about the noble initiative:

Becoming a Scalefocus’ holiday hero


The experience differentiated from any other, I previously had. On one hand, working with my colleagues and a bunch of strangers with no innuendo in mind – just the desire to help, was invigorating. After the first five minutes you feel synchronized with the entire team on the packaging line, everybody is enthusiastic and eager to work – it’s pretty great.

During the package deliveries, emotions were quite different. We met people, who had dreadful lives and no one should live this way. Yet there we were, sitting at their front doors, with a box full of flour, sugar and instant soup… Some of them didn’t even have the physical possibility to cook for themselves. So the ‘hero’ in me felt quite inadequate and wanted to hide behind her cape, most of the time.

At the end of the day, I am glad for the experience and will take part in such initiatives again, maybe in a different role.


Causes like Holiday Heroes are an opportunity to put all your energy and inspiration into something meaningful, worthwhile and useful to someone. All packages of flour, which passed through my hands, reached people for whom it’s not just 1 kg of flour, but hope, faith and care as well.

Except helping others, you are also helping yourself. This way you start appreciating what you have and become grateful. After all, enervation is not felt, since the power of smiles, the tears of joy and the grateful eyes of people in need are much more valuable. Together with our colleagues, we did a good job and had fun as well. I would certainly participate in similar initiatives again.


As part of ScaleFocus’ team I believe in integrity and the importance of giving a personal example. This was an exciting, awakening and learning experience, which reminded me how precious are the small gestures and how important is the personal contact.


I’ve been working with NGOs throughout my entire life, trying to give back to the community, completing multiple campaigns… There is always this strange feeling of happiness in sharing love during hard times and feeling stranded of the unfortunates in the world. This campaign was a solid collision of those feelings. Sharing it with my team mates, seeing the happy faces of the people we met, experiencing the hugs and tons of nice words given to us was inspiring. I couldn’t fall asleep easily that couple of days, being overwhelmed with positive energy spread and taken back.

Holiday Heroes Video

This year’s campaign made more than 2000 people smile. What a better way to start the holidays? Our heroes packed toys and goods and delivered them to the homes of those in need. We do IT to make you smile is our core mission, yet making people smile is our ultimate goal. We marked the beginning of the Holidays by turning into someone’s hero… even for a day. 🙂

Check out the video to see our ScaleFocus’ Holiday Heroes: